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Below is a list of the Licence types that you can request online. Please select the required Licence type and click the Next button to continue.
Permanent or Relocatable Swimming Pools or Spas

  • Register your Swimming Pool or Spa
  • Lodge your Swimming Pool/Spa Compliance certificate
  •  Licence TypesInstructions
    Swimming Pool/Spa RegistrationRegister your swimming pool/spa
    Swimming Pool/Spa Compliance CertificateLodge your swimming pool/spa Barrier compliance certificate
    Swimming Pool/Spa Non Compliance lodgementSwimming Pool inspectors only - Lodge a swimming pool/spa non compliance certificate
    Swimming Pool/Spa DecommissionedLodge a notification that your have decommission your swimming pool/spa

    A Parking Permit is required for people who have parking restrictions outside their home to park over the time limit. The number of permits each household is eligible are as follows:

  • First Permit - Zone A and B
  • Second Permit - Zone B only
  • Zone A - All shop-top residences along shopping precincts are eligible for a maximum of one residential sticker only if the property has NO off street parking.
  • Zone B - Properties in residential streets with parking restrictions are eligible for:
  • - First Parking Permit if your property has off street parking
    - First and Second Parking Permit only if the property has NO off street parking.

    Properties constructed after December 2004 are NOT eligible of Parking Permits.

     Licence TypesInstructions
    First Parking PermitApplication for first parking permit
    Second Parking PermitApplication for second parking permit
    Pensioner First Parking PermitApplication for first parking permit (Pensioner)
    Pensioner Second Parking PermitApplication for second parking permit (Pensioner)
    Lodge local law permits online.
     Licence TypesInstructions
    Footpath Trading PermitApplication for footpath trading permit, Real estate pointer board and One-off event permit
    Tree Protection PermitUnder the Darebin City Council, Tree Protection Local Law , a permit is required to prune or remove any significant tree located on private property in Darebin.

    If you are not the registered owner of the property on Council records for which this request is being made, then you are require to attach an Owner(s) Consent Form

    Lodge an online application to upsize your 80 litre waste bin to a 120 litre or 240 litre waste bin.

  • Applications can only be made if your property receives a council managed waste service. If your property receives a private waste collection, please contact your Body Corporate or Owners Corporation to discuss additional waste needs.
  • Businesses and commercial properties are not eligible to upsize and must seek a private waste arrangement. This includes nursing homes.
  • If you would like to upsize from a 120 litre to a 240 litre and already have a larger waste bin permit, please contact Customer Service on 8470 8888.
  • If you require a larger bin for a disability/medical condition, you may be entitled to a fee exemption. Contact Customer Service on 8470 8888.
  •  Licence TypesInstructions
    120 litre MGB Application to upsize to a 120 litre waste bin
    240 litre MGBApplication to upsize to a 240 litre waste bin